Relevant Programs is committed to vetting and recommending only resources that fit all of our criteria for being “student-friendly.” To quality, the curriculum/program must be:

  • Effective.
  • Efficient. (Simple; aligned to the Brain Circuit™.)
  • Respectful of students, teachers, and families.

Implementation is entirely dependent on the culture of the learning environment, but best results will be achieved when all learning is delivered with the following elements of Complete Human Education:

  • Provide Structure.
  • Celebrate Originality.
  • Build on natural Aptitudes.

and above all…

  • Make it Relevant!

Recommended Programs – Literacy

  • All About Spelling –This program uses a simple, multi-sensory approach to teach decoding and word-building skills. It is based on orton-gillingham, but brilliantly simplified!
  • Handwriting Without Tears–I never thought I’d do kart-wheels over a handwriting program, but this program is BRILLIANT!

1 – What Is the Greatest Predictor of Success in School – Hint: It’s handwriting.


2 – Video about Handwriting without Tears: Optimal Instruction Through Building Connections

  • Read Naturally – This program inspires intrinsic motivation from students! Even reluctant readers love watching the progress they make. The program is focused on building fluency and vocabulary.

Recommended Programs –Employability & Learning Skills

  • SOAR® Strategic Learning Skills: SOAR® teaches students how to learn. Not only do students build the skills for success in school today, they learn the skills that will lead their success in college and the workplace. SOAR® covers 100% of Common Core Anchor Standards and represents the top 95% skills needed in the workplace, according to employer data.
(Full disclosure: this program is authored/owned by the founders of this site).

  • When education is relevant to the brain biology of the learner, it is effective and empowering.


    When education is relevant to the learners’ life experiences, it is motivating and inspiring.


    When education is relevant to the real-world needs of the learner, it is valuable and valued.


    When education is relevant to the natural talents, interests, and aptitudes of the learner, it is innovative and magical!


    When education is relevant, everyone benefits: students, educators, parents, and employers!


    The future of our children and our children’s children depends on our ability to humanize The System, to create a space where unique interests and abilities are harmoniously blended with real-world skills. Relevant was created as the central source for exploring ideas, concepts, and solutions that respect the relevance of individuals and the real-world.  To learn more about us, click here.